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HALCON Software Box

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MVTec company owners

(left: Dr. Olaf Munkelt, middle: Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein, right: Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger)

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MVTec company owners

(left: Dr. Olaf Munkelt, middle: Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein, right: Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger)

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MVTec Managing Director Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein
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MVTec Managing Director Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein
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MVTec Managing Director Dr. Olaf Munkelt
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MVTec Managing Director Dr. Olaf Munkelt
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Managing Directors of MVTec

(left: Dr. Olaf Munkelt, right: Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein)

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Managing Directors of MVTec

(left: Dr. Olaf Munkelt, right: Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein)

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Background information on software for machine vision

What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is deployed where camera images are not only acquired, but must also be analyzed in real time: for manufacturing, quality control, traffic control, medical technology, and surveillance.

Machine vision is a multi-purpose technology , which currently shows the highest growth in the machinery industry. Software plays the central role. High-quality software can compensate the disturbances and weaknesses of an application.

Who needs Machine Vision?

  • Anybody who must mass-produce goods.
  • Anybody who would like to automatize his production.
  • Anybody who wants 100% quality for his entire production.
  • Anybody who strives for improvements in medical image analysis.
  • Anybody who monitors traffic.
  • Anybody who must guarantee security.

What is Software for Machine Vision?

Software is the core of any machine vision application. Illumination highlights an object. Cameras transform images into electronic signals. Computers process the images.

It is machine vision software, however, that analyzes and interprets this data. Machine vision software transforms image data into measurable and interpretable quantities, the basis for decisions. Here, speed, robustness, and accuracy are essential criteria.

What are the Features of good Machine Vision Software?

  • Functionality - to address sophisticated applications
  • Robustness - against various distortions
  • Accuracy - regarding real world coordinates
  • High performance
  • High image - and pixel resolution
  • User-friendliness
  • Flexibility by

    • a huge number of methods
    • hardware compatibility
    • support of different systems and programming environments
    • open interfaces
    • support and training

  • Adaptivity to changing customer requirements


HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for machine vision with an integrated development environment (IDE) that is used worldwide. It enables cost savings and improved time to market. HALCON’s flexible architecture facilitates rapid development of any kind of machine vision application.

MVTec HALCON provides outstanding performance and a comprehensive support of multi-core platforms and special instructions sets like AVX2 and NEON, as well as GPU acceleration. It serves all industries,with a library used in hundreds of thousands of installations in all areas of imaging like blob analysis, morphology, matching, measuring and identification. The software provides the latest state-of-the-art machine vision technologies, such as comprehensive 3D vision and deep learning algorithms.

The software secures your investment by supporting the operating systems Windows, Linux, and macOS. The full library can be accessed from common programming languages like C, C++, and .NET languages like C# or VB.NET. HALCON guarantees hardware independence by providing interfaces to hundreds of industrial cameras and frame grabbers, also for standards like GenICam, GigE Vision, USB3 Vision.

Visit HALCON Website


MVTec MERLIC is an all-in-one software product for quickly building machine vision applications without any need for programming.

It is based on MVTec's extensive machine vision expertise and combines reliable, fast performance with ease of use. An image-centered user interface and intuitive interaction concepts like easyTouch provide an efficient workflow, which leads to time and cost savings.

MERLIC provides powerful tools to design and build complete machine vision applications with a graphical user interface, integrated PLC communication, and image acquisition based on industry standards.

All standard machine vision tools such as calibration, measuring, counting, checking, reading, as well as position determination are included in MERLIC. These are all based on the latest state-of-the-art machine vision technologies, such as matching or deep learning.

Visit MERLIC Website

MVTec's Expertise

MVTec Software GmbH

MVTec Software GmbH, based in Munich, Germany, employs highly qualified experts for machine vision with up to 30 years experience in this technology.

Since the early days of machine vision, MVTec engineers were groundbreaking inventors. In the course of time, their developments received numerous international scientific awards.

MVTec started as a spin-off from Technische Universität München in 1996. Today there is still a close collaboration to scientific research and development.

MVTec invests a large part of its profits into its own R & D activities. New software releases are brought into the market regularly.

MVTec's machine vision software is globally distributed and applied by industry and scientific research worldwide.

MVTec cooperates directly with customers by implementing customized solutions for sophisticated machine vision problems.

MVTec's worldwide customer support via distributors helps users to optimize their own machine vision application.

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