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HALCON Embedded

... profit from HALCON's machine vision power on compact and robust hardware!

What is HALCON Embedded?

What is HALCON Embedded
Check out this video to learn how HALCON can be brought to your embedded device.
  • HALCON Embedded means HALCON running on your special platform. HALCON is portable to various microprocessors/DSPs, operating systems, and compilers.
  • HALCON Embedded lets you exploit the power of a comprehensive machine vision software library on embedded systems.
  • HALCON Embedded allows you to develop the software part of your machine vision application on a standard platform and thereby greatly eases the programming of an embedded system. Short said: develop on a PC, and let the application run on an embedded system.
Overview - HALCON Embedded architecture
Visualization of the HALCON Embedded architecture
HALCON Embedded - Various supported platforms

Additional Platforms

HALCON Embedded has also been successfully tested for the following platforms:

Customized Solutions

Is HALCON Embedded not running on your platform so far?

MVTec has experience with various operating systems like Windows IoT, Embedded Linux, Android, iOS and processor architectures like ARM, Atom, PowerPC and MIPS.

Contact our Sales team for more information about ports to new platforms.