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From version 17.12 onwards, MVTec HALCON is available in two different software editions:

  • HALCON Progress Edition
  • HALCON Steady Edition*
Progress Edition

HALCON Progress Edition
Steady Edition*

HALCON Steady Edition
PurchasingSubscription-based (automatically renews every year, grants access to all versions released during the subscription period)

Standard purchase

Release cycle~ 6 months~ 3 years: regular
maintenance updates available
Latest releaseHALCON 17.12HALCON 13*
Access to new featuresReceive new HALCON features as soon as they are ready for the market (~ every 6 months).Receive new HALCON
features with the next major
version (~ every 3 years).
Product qualityHigh-end quality of all featuresHigh-end quality of all features
SupportDuring the subscription periodLong-term support
HDevEngineThe HDevEngine is part
of both editions.
The HDevEngine is part
of both editions.
HDevelopThe HDevelop IDE is part of both editions.The HDevelop IDE is part of both editions.
Runtime licenses

Unlimited validity

Unlimited validity
Runtime license upgradabilityup to 2 years after purchase
Development licensesValidity is limited to the
subscription period.
Unlimited validity


* The first HALCON Steady Edition is scheduled for release by the end of 2018. Until then, customers who are interested in HALCON Steady can purchase HALCON 13 and benefit from the same advantages.


For more information about these editions please contact your local HALCON distributor.