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As a multipurpose technology, machine vision is not restricted to the branches presented below. Especially in modern production scenarios of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), almost every company can benefit from machine vision for cost reduction and optimization of processes.

Automotive and Robotics

Automotive & Robotics

Open Automotive & Robotics

Semiconductor Industry


Open Semiconductors

electronic and solar components

Electric Components & Solar

Open Electric Components & Solar

Machinery industry


Open Machinery

Packaging, Identification + Logistics

Packaging, Logistics & Identification

Open Packaging, Identification & Logistics

Agriculture and food industry

Food & Agriculture

Open Food & Agriculture

Medical Supplies + Pharmaceutical

Medical Supplies & Pharmaceutical

Open Medical Supplies & Pharmaceutical

Glass, Metal, Paper, Foil + Printing

Glass, Metal, Paper, Foil & Printing

Open Glass, Metal, Paper, Foil & Printing

Education, Science + Research

Education, Research & Science

Open Education, Science & Research