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HALCON 6.1: More Speed, More Precision, More Flexibility

In its version 6.1, MVTec’s machine vision tool HALCON excels with significantly improved and enhanced functionality. HALCON 6.1 now includes almost 1.000 operators and therefore has strengthened its leading position as a comprehensive software for machine vision used worldwide.

Now HALCON’s shape-based matching is also invariant to perspective distortions, e.g., if the camera views the object obliquely.

The shape-based matching is used as reference in many application areas of industrial image processing like positioning, mark quality inspection, and quality control. HALCON’s shape-based matching combines highest flexibility with speed and precision. It is invariant to almost any disturbance such as arbitrary illumination changes, translation, rotation and occlusion. Now, the shape-based matching has been improved even more:

  • Easier to use due to a reliable and automatic estimation of parameters

  • Matching different objects in one call. This saves a lot of preprocessing time and thus further improves the performance of your application.

  • Invariance to scaling, e.g., caused by variation of the distance of the camera to the object

  • Invariance to perspective: objects are found even if they are viewed obliquely

  • The auxiliary tool HMatchIt automatically calculates the best combination of parameters for any application.


Further highlights of HALCON 6.1:

  • Rectification: In some applications the camera cannot be mounted perpendicularly to the object. By rectifying the image, it is displayed as if viewed perpendicularly. With this preprocessing, subsequent operators (matching, OCR, blob analysis etc.) can be made robust against perspective distortion.

  • The variation model makes it easy to separate good from bad parts, taking into account object variations which must not exceed a defined tolerance. A typical example where this functionality is used is mark quality inspection: HALCON 6.1 can now automatically „learn“ tolerable production variations.


Version 6.1 again consolidates HALCON’s technological competence and market leadership. In industry, medical science, research and education: HALCON proves highest flexiblity, speed, and precision in all application areas – at an unbeatable price!


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