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MVTec 迎来新的认证集成合作伙伴:Simac Masic BV

MVTec 欢迎 Simac Masic BV 成为我们认证集成商计划的新成员。


Simac Masic 是一家位于荷兰的专业技术公司。 作为一家工程公司,他们专门研究设备工程,作为工业制造环境中的一站式工程。 Simac Masic...

MVTec Miscellaneous News

Extension: MVTec continues to provide flexible 'Work-From-Home' software licenses

Since April we offer 'work-from-home' licenses to customers who are not able to access their regular ones right now. Due to the great demand, we...


Technology Days go digital in July

As reaction to the current situation we developed a new concept to let the well-known Technology Days take place digitally. On July 7 and 8,...


最新版本 HALCON 20.05 现已上市!

HALCON 20.05 已于今天发布,HALCON Progress Edition再次展示了精简发布周期的优点:除了强大的新功能之外,您还还可以获得之前版本中结合了客户反馈后的功能改进。

新版本为所有机器视觉用户带来了一个好消息:借助 HALCON 20.05,现在可以在标准工业 PC 的...

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Einstieg in HALCON

Join the Einstieg in HALCON Seminar held by our distributor IDS in Obersulm, Germany.


HALCON Introduction

Join the HALCON Introduction Course held by our distributor LINX Corporation


HALCON Basic Training

Join the HALCON Basic Training held by our distributor LINX Corporation


HALCON Deep Learning

Join the HALCON Deep Learning course held by our distributor LINX Corporation

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机器视觉:MVTec 在中国成立子公司

领先的国际机器视觉软件制造商 MVTec Software GmbH 正着力加强中国的业务布局。这家总部位于慕尼黑的公司在昆山(近上海)成立了中国子公司:麦威德视觉技术(昆山)有限公司。MVTec...

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Machine vision: MVTec presents new and optimized features with HALCON 20.05

MVTec Software GmbH, a leading international provider of machine vision software, will launch a new Progress release of its standard software HALCON...

Press Releases

MVTec fills new positions with Mario Bohnacker and Christian Eckstein

MVTec Software GmbH, the leading international provider of machine vision software, has filled two leading positions. In his capacity as the new...


Webinar: MVTec HALCON 20.05 – New Features

In this recorded webinar, HALCON's product manager Mario Bohnacker presents all improvements and new features in the new version of MVTec HALCON,...

HALCON's Deep-Learning-Based Object Detection 4: Apply the Model (Inference)

In the last part of this tutorial series on HALCON's object detection, we will apply the model we trained and evaluated previously.

You will learn...