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ATX Automation Technology Anaheim, CA

From February 11 to 13, 2020, MVTec, LLC will be exhibiting at ATX Automation Technology West in Anaheim, CA.

At booth 5080, the leading...


HALCON 13 的最新维护版本13.0.4

最新的 HALCON 13 维护版本 HALCON 13.0.4 现在可供下载

在此版本中,所有已知的错误均已修复。 有关 HALCON 13.0.4 的所有详细信息,请参阅发行说明

我们建议所有 HALCON 13 用户使用此发行版并免费更新到最新版本的 HALCON 13。 ...

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最新版本 HALCON 19.11 现已上市

今天,MVTec 发布了最新的 HALCON 版本:HALCON 19.11现在可以下载,将为您的机器视觉应用程序带来以下优势:


借助 HALCON 的异常检测,基于深度学习的检测任务可以更加有效地执行,因为仅需几张无缺陷对象的图像即可训练深度学习网络。通过该技术能够在后续图像上准确无误地...


MVTec 深度学习工具 0.2 上线啦!

MVTec 深度学习工具现已可供下载

用于HALCON物体检测的增强标记功能:根据项目的要求,用户现在可以选择使用轴对齐的矩形或定向的边界框标记数据。更多语言: 除了英语之外,深度学习工具还有德语,日语和中文(简体)界面。

您可以从 MVTec官网...

Upcoming Events


MVTec Technology Day – Deep Learning 1 & 2

Due to the high demand we have eight new seminar dates for 2020! In this seminars you will learn how to use deep learning in your image processing...


HALCON Introduction

Join the HALCON Introduction Course held by our distributor LINX Corporation


HALCON Basic Training

Join the HALCON Basic Training held by our distributor LINX Corporation


HALCON Basic Training

Join the HALCON Basic Training held by our distributor SP Vision Technology in Thailand.

Time 8.30 AM - 5.30 PM
Venue: SP Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

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Machine vision: MVTec is prepared for embedded vision applications with MIPI image sensors

HALCON, the standard machine vision software from MVTec Software GmbH, is well prepared for new developments in the embedded vision environment. The...

Press Releases

Standard machine vision software with new functions: MVTec presents HALCON 19.11

MVTec Software GmbH, the leading provider of modern machine vision software, will release HALCON 19.11, the latest version of its standard software...


Integrate HDevelop code into a C# application using the Library Project Export

In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate machine vision code developed with HDevelop into an existing C# Visual Studio application.


Draw oriented rectangles with the MVTec Deep Learning Tool

Many computer programs often offer the option to draw axis-aligned rectangles but not to draw oriented rectangles.

Thus, we developed a method that...