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MVTec 的软件包含一整套工具和算法,可以满足所有类型的机器视觉应用需求。MVTec 软件为开发人员提供了一套可靠的工具,不仅能应对当前的视觉挑战,还可以为下一代制造和工艺控制机械提供支持。


  • Blob 分析

  • 形态学

  • 条形码/二维码读取

  • OCR(光学字符识别)

  • OCV(光学字符验证)

  • 匹配

  • 测量

  • 3D 视觉 (3D 标定, 立体, depth from focus, sheet of light, 3D registration, 支持三维透视的匹配, 3D 匹配, 3D 物体检测, 3D 测量)


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Fully automated dispense and labeling system for pharmaceutical products runs with MVTec HALCON

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Science Project: Proprioceptive Industrial Robot Gripper – Kinemetrix

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3D Vision Guided Robotic Assembly - Kinemetrix

Using HALCON's surface-based 3D matching technology and 3D point cloud data, the position and orientation of parts on an automated clip assembly cell...


Vision system inspects laser-drilled holes - Fisher Smith LLP

A vision system measures the location and sizes of laser-drilled holes in a plastic part used in a gas safety device.


Inspection of Cable Trees - Waak, Kuurne

Waak BW, a sheltered and social workshop situated in West Flanders, employs 1700 people of whom 1450 with a (work) disability. Our mission is to...


Vision Q.400 – The Universal Inspection Software for Industrial Image Processing

The software package Vision Q.400 from Q.VITEC was first created 20 years ago in cooperation with MVTec. Since this time, it has been continuously...


Structured-light-based vision system inspects percussion caps – Tekniker

The Centro Tecnológico Tekniker has developed a very fast system to inspect percussion caps.

Percussion caps are a critical component used in...


Machine Vision on Assembly Line: the Roboworker Super Robot Feeder

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