MVTec Software GmbH

Our Machine Vision Know-How

... and how to benefit from it.

MVTec's machine vision know-how is manifesting in our high-quality software products HALCON and MERLIC, as well as HALCON's integrated development environment (IDE) HDevelop. Our products generally do not operate in (and are neither meant for) mutually exclusive markets. Instead, HALCON (with its IDE HDevelop) and MERLIC can be seen as different possibilities of accessing MVTec's extensive competence and machine vision technologies.

How to benefit from our competence

Depending on factors like time to market, complexity and size of the application or the user's programming skills, either HALCON, MERLIC, or even a combination of both might offer the best solution for a given task.

In case of the latter, HDevelop acts as the connecting element between both products: It allows the user to create a sophisticated machine vision application and use it as a "Custom Tool" in MERLIC. This allows users to benefit from MERLIC's advantages (like its great ease-of-use) even in situations where MERLIC's standard set of tools doesn't quite provide the desired solution out of the box.