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BIOMEDevice 2019

Meet MVTec at BIOMEDevice
From May 15-16, 2019, MVTec, LLC will be exhibiting at BIOMEDevice in Boston, MA. At booth 828, the leading international manufacturer of standard software for machine vision, will show its solutions for medical applications through live demonstrations. A Raspberry Pi will be reading bar- and datacodes via an onboard camera, while an NVIDIA Jetson inspects various objects using HALCON's deep learning algorithms. Whether inspecting medical packaging and inserts, detecting blister pack defects at high speeds, analyzing a drug's powder mixing (by using hyperspectral or multispectral cameras), or automatically reading CT, MRI, or X-ray images, MVTec offers the software tools to enable fast, reliable image analysis results. Want to know more? Contact MVTec, LLC at sales@mvtec.us to schedule an appointment!