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MODEX 2020, Atlanta

MVTec, LLC will be showing different demos at the MODEX 2020.
Meet MVTec, LLC at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta from March 9 to 12, 2020. At booth 2105, visitors to MVTec, LLC can experience live how boxes of mixed sizes can be located in a 3D scene. For each box, regardless of its size or position in a pile, a 3D pose is determined in order for each box to be individually picked and placed by a robot. For each box HALCON determines a pickup point as well as roll, pitch and yaw for a 6-axis robot. By handling multiple boxes in only a single scan, great throughout rates can be achieved. The integration of this solution together with a robot, will create a strong value proposition to the logistics industry, which is facing an ever increasing pressure to automate tasks like package handling in a tight labor market. In addition, visitors can experience deep-learning-based applications and see HALCON running on a NVIDIA Jetson board. This live demonstration will be showing HALCON's new anomaly detection, which was introduced with the release of HALCON 19.11 in November 2019. HALCON's anomaly detection feature gives you the possibility to perform an inspection task using only a relatively low number of "good" images for the training. Furthermore, MVTec, LLC will also show a demo of reading bar and data codes with HALCON running on a Raspberry PI.