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UKIVA Machine Vision Conference 2019

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Visit us at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference on June 6, 2019, in Milton Keynes, UK. With over 50 seminars and exhibitors from the world’s leading industrial vision companies, this event will give you an insight into the latest developments in the machine vision world.
At MVTec's booth 3 visitors can experience the comprehensive deep learning features included in HALCON first hand: A live demonstration shows an NVIDIA AGX Xavier board executing four different deep-learning-based applications in real time.
In the presentation "Deep Learning – What’s Next?" held by Adriano Biocchi, Regional Sales Engineer at MVTec, you will get to know which technologies for the machine vision industry are available right now and also, what the future has in store. Join him in the ‘‘Deep Learning & Embedded Vision” section from 12:00 until 12:30 am, GMT.