Meet MVTec at The Vision Show in Boston

MVTec presents HALCON, MERLIC, deep learning and embedded vision applications at The Vision Show in Boston, booth #302 and #1016. Our booth in the Embedded Vision Pavilion (#1016) will showcase a defect inspection application based on deep learning deployed on a NVIDIA Jetson TX2. You will also see HALCON running on the Raspberry PI using images from its integrated camera module. In addition we will be at booth #302 in the regular exhibition area showing a HALCON and live demo of MERLIC. On April 10, Agnes Weiershäuser, Applications Engineer at MVTec North America, will give a talk about how to evaluate and deploy machine vision applications on embedded platforms. On April 11, Heiko Eisele, President of MVTec North America, will give a talk about classification and deep learning applications in machine vision. Please find more details at www.visionshow.org/the-conference/conference-agenda.