Discover the full potential of machine vision Join MVTec Innovation Day 2022

On February 8 and 9, 2022, we will host our popular event "MVTec Innovation Day" - as usual, with first-class presentations by our machine vision experts and our partners. On the occasion of our 25th company anniversary, we are adding a second event day on top: Look forward to interactive learning sessions in small groups, led by our machine vision experts.

On these two days, we will show you the potential of Machine Vision: Surprising use cases and cutting edge applications. After the two days, you will have a comprehensive knowledge of how to leverage the potential of your Machine Vision applications with MVTec software. Of course, networking will play an important role as well: In celebration of our anniversary, we will have a party this time with music and good entertainment. The event will be held close to Munich, Germany* with an additional live stream. The event language is English. 

Innovation Day 2022: 1 EVENT, 2 DAYS AND A BIG PARTY

  • Learn about the potential of machine vision in your industy
  • Participate in interactive learning sessions
  • Exchange ideas with colleagues and MVTec experts
  • Have a good evening at the networking party

You might have some questions

What to expect on Day 1?

Day 1 is packed with interactive presentations spanning various exciting topics like:

  • Tips & tricks on calibration
  • Newest developments in 3D object localization
  • Prototype insights: standardized process integration via HDevEngine
  • The current and future potential of deep learning – from a machine vision point-of-view

In addition, various demos invite to engage in discussions and networking during the breaks. 

Who is it interesting for?

Tech enthusiasts interested in MVTec products and the latest machine vision trends 

What to expect on Day 2?

Day 2 is fully packed with knowledge! In four sessions and in small groups you will learn hands-on how to use different functionalities in HALCON and MERLIC. 

Session 1:

How to solve your shape matching application in record time


In this session you will learn about the advantages of Generic Shape Matching and how to use it to quickly create applications for, e.g., rapid prototyping. We will also show you how to migrate your existing applications to the Generic Shape Matching while avoiding common pitfalls, and will discuss use cases with you.

Session 2:

How to deploy HALCON on embedded devices


In this session you will learn how to deploy your HALCON application to an embedded device step-by-step. We will provide tipps and tricks on how to overcome typical challenges and show you how to remotely debug and quickly adapt your application with the help of HDevelop.

Session 3:

Deep Learning in MERLIC – so easy!


In this session, we will show you how to solve an inspection application with the deep learning method anomaly detection completely in MERLIC. You will also learn how to solve a classification task with MERLIC, including data preparation and training with the MVTec Deep Learning Tool.

Session 4:

Deep learning in HALCON: best practice


In this session you will get a hands-on introduction including best practices for two deep learning methods: semantic segmentation and instance segmentation – the latest addition to our deep learning portfolio. For data preparation and handling, the Deep Learning Tool will once again be a powerful companion.


Who is it interesting for? Programmers, developers and anyone looking to gain deeper machine vision insights.

What to expect at the networking party?

You can expect a high class evening event with networking opportunities and appealing entertainment.

What to expect when I participate online?

You can participate in the first day of the MVTec Innovation Day – we will stream all the presentations and, of course, the FAQ-sessions. You will be able to participate using the event app. 

Location, Hotel, COVID-19 information

Information about the Location

The event will be held at

Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld
Fürstenfeld 12
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

There will be a live stream for those who can't join us in person. 

Information about accomodation

Please feel free to use the special conditions (mentioning "MVTec Innovation Day") we arranged at the following hotels:

Fürstenfelder Hotel 
Mühlanger 5
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


Telephone: +49 (0) 814 1/888 755 00

Holiday Inn Express Munich City West
Friedenheimer Brücke 15
80639 München


Telephone: +49 (0)89/443 888 0

Single Room Standard: 125 € p.P./p.N. 

Single Room Superior: 130 € p.P./p.N. 

Single Room Standard: 99 € p.P./p.N

Information about COVID-19

We comply with all rules and regulations of local authorities.

For this event we will use at least the 3G plus rule. Thus: Access is limited to convalescents, vaccinated as well tested (PCR test) persons.

All of this is subject to change depending on new regulations stated by local authorities.

We will keep you informed.


Impressions from Innovation Day 2020 and 2021

* as long as the pandemic situation allows us to celebrate live