Announcement: New HALCON Release in Fall

We are happy to announce that we will release the new version 20.11 of HALCON on November 20, 2020.

The release comes with many new and improved features that help you further enhance your machine vision performance. These include optimized technologies for code reading, OCR, 3D, deep learning, as well as a face lift of the integrated development environment HDevelop for even better usability.

What's special about this version is that HALCON 20.11 will be released simultaneously for both the Steady and Progress editions. As a result, HALCON Steady customers can now access the many new features available in the last three Progress releases, including anomaly detection, the generic box finder, and optimized identification technologies.

You can already try out these previously released HALCON Progress functions by downloading the latest Progress version 20.05 and requesting an evaluation license. So you are well prepared for the new version, which will be available in November.