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MVTec's Christoph Zierl re-elected for GenICam Vice-Chair Marketing and Operations

The old and new GenICam board: Rupert Stelz, Fritz Dierks, Stéphane Maurice and Christoph Zierl (from left to right)
We are proud to once again provide with Christoph Zierl, Technical Director at MVTec, the Vice-Chair Marketing & Operations of the GenICam Group. At the GenICam meeting in Suzhou, China, on March 25-26, 2019, the regular election of Chair and Vice-Chairs took place. As in the previous three-year period, the unanimous choice for the Chair was made on Fritz Dierks from Basler and for the Vice-Chairs, besides Christoph Zierl, on Rupert Stelz from STEMMER IMAGING and Stéphane Maurice from Matrox Imaging. With its involvement in technical committees such as the GenICam Standard Group, MVTec is driving the standardization of interfaces between the various components of an image processing system in order to provide its customers with simple and flexible solutions and thus reduce their development costs.