| Press Release, MVTec

Continuous illegal use of its software products: MVTec demands Largan to recognize intellectual property

The company MVTec Software GmbH claims to be harmed in an intellectual property infringement case which started with the initiation of criminal proceedings (criminal indictment) by a prosecutor's office in Taiwan against the company Largan, listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under No. 3008, and its employees.
Olaf Munkelt, Managing Director, MVTec Software GmbH

Largan is one of the world's largest suppliers of camera lenses for smartphones. MVTec Software GmbH is a leading manufacturer of software for machine vision. "We are a family-owned and -operated company that has developed into a technology leader since our foundation in 1996. Our business is guided by the principles of fairness, respect and partnership. We expect the same from other companies. That is why we see ourselves compelled to take action against potential, reported or proven misuse of our intellectual property," explains MVTec Managing Director Dr. Olaf Munkelt.

Indications of massive, willful and systematic infringement of intellectual property by Largan

To clarify the facts of the case, MVTec is working closely with the authorities in Taiwan to find a fair solution for all parties. So far, Largan has refused to reach a fair and amicable settlement. "There are clear indications that Largan has massively, willfully and systematically used our software products illegally and thus infringed upon our intellectual property and continues to do so. As a result, both we and our fair-minded customers are being harmed and put at a competitive disadvantage. It is therefore our duty to take action against those unfair practices," says Dr. Munkelt.

MVTec collaborates with hundreds of partner companies and thousands of customers

MVTec was founded in 1996 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich and the Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge-Based Systems (FORWISS). Since then, the family-owned company has worked continuously to provide its customers with the best possible product. The software products for machine vision offered by MVTec are now used in almost all sectors of industry thanks to their flexibility and high technical standards. MVTec's company headquarters are located in Munich. The company also has subsidiaries in the United States, France, China and Taiwan. MVTec currently employs more than 270 people across its various locations. In addition, MVTec relies on close partnerships with numerous other companies in the machine vision and automation industry. To this end, MVTec maintains several partner programs with a total of around 220 companies. Moreover, MVTec's customer portfolio includes more than 4,500 companies worldwide, many of them being well established multinational companies.