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Feature Preview: MERLIC 5

MERLIC 5 is more flexible, powerful and simple than ever before. Below you will find a preview on some highlights of this upcoming version which will be released in October.
MERLIC Softwarebox


MERLIC 5 introduces a new licensing model for greatest possible flexibility. It allows customers to choose the package – and price – that exactly fits the scope of their application.


With the release of MERLIC 5, MVTec’s state-of-the-art deep learning technologies are finding their way into the all-in-one machine vision software MERLIC. Easier than ever before, users can now harness the power of deep learning for their vision applications.

Improved Camera Handling

MERLIC 5 includes the Image Source Manager (ISM). The ISM detaches the image acquisition source from the tool flow and allows MVApps to be easily copied and executed between different systems without adjustments to the camera settings.

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