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New update for HALCON 18.05 Progress

The released version of HALCON Progress had a few issues. Therefore, the version HALCON Progress was substituted by an updated version HALCON Progress. In particular, the following problems have been fixed:
  • Creating an HDevProcedure instance from a local procedure in an HDevProgram did not work when that local procedure referenced other local procedures.
  • The OCR Training File Browser displayed sample names with non-ASCII characters incorrectly. This problem has been fixed and in addition, the encoding of the sample names is automatically detected (for training files that have been written with HALCON earlier than 18.05). If all sample names are valid UTF-8 characters the file is assumed to be encoded in UTF-8, otherwise local-8-bit encodig is used.
  • The results of the OCR Assistant could appear corrupted in the Graphics Window. In addition, when setting the system parameter 'filename_encoding' to 'utf8', character names were not displayed correctly in the OCR Assistant.
  • Opening an I/O device leaked a small amount of memory. This problem has been fixed.
  • HALCON did not unload an I/O interface after the last device using it is closed.
  • Opening and closing multiple framegrabbers using the same image acquisition interface could lead to crashes.
For all details, please refer to the addendum section in the release notes. Registered customers can download the new update now. We recommend all HALCON 18.05 users to update to this newest version.