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New update for HALCON 18.11 Steady

The originally released version of HALCON Steady had a few issues. Therefore, the original version HALCON Steady was substituted by an updated version HALCON Steady. In particular, the following problems have been fixed:
  • For each instance of an HDevProcedure, HDevEngine has started a separate thread by default (besides the engine's own main execution thread), regardless whether that thread was used later on or not. When many HDevProcedure instances were created, this led to a substancial resource consumption. This problem has been fixed. Now, new threads are only started when they are actually requested by the executed code.
  • There was a performance regression in HDevEngine execution without JIT compilation. For script code that mostly manipulated control variables this could produce an overhead of about 15%. This problem has been fixed.
For all details, please refer to the addendum section in the release notes. Registered customers can download the new update now. We recommend all HALCON 18.11 Steady users to update to this newest version.