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New version HALCON 19.05 available now!

HALCON 19.05
The newest HALCON version – HALCON 19.05 – has been released today. One highlight of the new version: the deep learning inference can also be executed on CPUs with the established Arm® processor architecture. This allows customers to use the latest deep learning technologies on standard embedded devices. Deep-learning-based object detection has also been improved: The method, which locates and identifies objects by their surrounding rectangles (so-called bounding boxes) now precisely detects the orientation of the objects. Other new features in HALCON 19.05 optimize matching processes. For example, users of HALCON’s shape-based matching can now define areas within a search model that should *not* contain any contours. In the context of repetitive structures, this leads to more robust matching results. Moreover, the new HALCON release also offers several enhancements for surface-based 3D matching. This means that additional parameters can be used to better inspect the quality of 3D edges, resulting in even more robust matching – especially in the case of noisy 3D data.

Read more about the new features of HALCON 19.05 or view the technical details in the documentation. Registered customers can download the new version right now. If you are not registered yet, you can register here.