HALCON 20.05 Feature-Preview: Surface-Based 3D Matching & Deep Learning Training on CPU

HALCON 20.05 offers a more robust surface-based 3D matching compared to HALCON 19.11.
Deep Learning Training on CPU

Surface-based 3D Matching

With HALCON 20.05, surface-based 3D matching is more robust in case of almost symmetric objects. Especially in the assembly industry, workpieces must be located robustly and accurately to allow for further processing. Often, properties like small holes are the only unique feature to find the correct orientation of the object. HALCON's surface-based 3D matching can now make use of these features to increase accuracy and robustness of the matching result.

Deep Learning Training on CPU

Moreover with HALCON 20.05, training for all deep learning technologiescan be performed on the CPU. By removing the need for a dedicated GPU, standard industrial PCs (that could not house powerful GPUs) can now be used for training as well. This greatly increases customers' flexibility in implementing deep learning, because training can now be performed directly on the production line, making it possible to adjust the application to changing external conditions on the fly.