HALCON 20.11 Feature-Preview: Improved Surface-based 3D-Matching and Dotcode

These are two of the main features of the new version of MVTec HALCON, which will be published on November 20, 2020.
Picture of surface-based 3D-matching
Scene with many objects or edges
Picture of a DotCode
Picture of a DotCode

Improved Surface-based 3D-Matching

In HALCON 20.11, the core technology, edge-supported surface-based 3D-matching, is significantly faster for 3D scenes containing many objects and edges. In addition to this speedup, the usability has been improved by removing the need to set a viewpoint.

DotCode and Data Matrix Rectangular Extension

In HALCON 20.11, the data code reader has been extended by the new code type, DotCode. This type of 2D code is based on a matrix of dots. It can be printed very quickly and is especially suitable for high speed manufacturing lines, like those used in the tobacco industry. Furthermore, the ECC 200 code reader now supports the Data Matrix Rectangular Extension (DMRE).