MERLIC 4.8 Available Now

MERLIC 4.8 is now available for download. This version brings various novelties and improvements.
New GUI for Easy Configuration of Communicator Plug-Ins
New GUI for Easy Configuration of Communicator Plug-Ins

With MERLIC 4.8, both provided and self-developed Communicator plug-ins can be configured clearly and easily via a GUI. In the MERLIC PI Setup there is a new graphical user interface for this purpose, in which plug-in instances can be added, removed, started and stopped, and the parameters can be adjusted. In the context of easy-to-use, this simplifies and speeds up the configuration, as the editing is done directly in MERLIC. Additionally, the configuration of Communicator plug-ins can be done locally and remotely. The remote configuration greatly improves the user experience in situations where MERLIC is used on an embedded device or across physically distant computers (remote systems).

Expanded Integrability With MQTT Plug-in

With MQTT, a new standard plug-in for IoT communication is available in MERLIC 4.8. The MQTT plug-in significantly increases the number of systems with which MERLIC can communicate out-of-the-box, whether directly via MQTT-enabled controllers or indirectly via the gateways between MQTT and various other languages and protocols. This can significantly reduce integration time and complexity. For mobile applications, free mobile clients for iOS and Android are available.

Further features include:

  • Improved Startup Usability in Process Integration Mode
  • Direct Link for Sending Feedback
  • Improved Usability with Optimized Tool Flow

Read all detailed information about the improvements and new features here. For the product information click here.

Download Merlic 4.8