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MVTec at automatica

MVTec introduced new features in the context of deep learning and 3D vision at automatica 2022 in Munich, the leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics.

How can MVTec’s machine vision software solve your projects for smart automation and robotics? It was a pleasure to talk with many visitors at our booth at automatica 2022 in Munich about their projects. With two live demonstrations we showed our new features in the context of deep learning and 3D vision.

Global Context Anomaly Detection for quality control

The visitors were able to learn with a live demonstration how the Global Context Anomaly Detection deep learning feature can be used to inspect electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs), for detecting both local defects, such as scratches, and logical defects. For the first time, this allows logical anomalies to be detected in images. The technology can be used, for example, as part of quality control for completeness checks and defect detection.

Bin-picking of unknown objects with 3D vision

MVTec demo robot showing it's picking skills

A second live demonstration showed visitors with a machine-vision-based robotics system how MVTec HALCON can be used to grasp, move and put down objects with unknown shapes in the future. The deep-learning-based bin-picking application combined for the first time 3D vision and deep learning, with the goal of  robustly detecting gripping surfaces on arbitrary objects. This allows for a faster and thus much more cost-efficient implementation of typical applications, such as those in the logistics industry.

MVTec at the CEO Round Table

CEOs discussing the future of machine vision

But not only at our booth you were able to meet MVTec at automatica 2022. Our Managing Director Olaf Munkelt discussed at the munich_i CEO Round Table with other industry leaders the topic “Seeing and feeling the world: Unlocking perception – How machine learning, vision and robotics will pave the way for the next level of automation”. You can view the video here.

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