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New maintenance release 12.0.2 for HALCON 12

 HALCON 12.0.2 now available
This newest HALCON 12 maintenance release is now available for download on www.halcon.com/halcon/download.

We are pleased to announce that this release comes with major improvements in all types of bar code reading. The current improvements address two common problems with bar codes: print growth and overexposure. Print growth is a problem occurring when too much ink was used for printing the bar code on the product, or when the surface of the object is rough so that the ink spreads too much.

With HALCON 12.0.2 the range from extreme overexposure to extreme print growth that HALCON is able to read has been widened significantly in both directions - e.g., even for code images whose individual bars are twice the normal width (i.e., up to 95% print growth).

The 2/5 bar code types are now significantly more robust to false reads by default. For the assessment of data code print quality according to the AIM DPM-1-2006 and ISO/IEC 15415 standards additional parameters have been added to provide more details of the grading results. Besides, the QR Code reader now decodes symbols containing Chinese characters encoded according to the Chinese national standard GBT 18284-2000.

In addition, HALCON 12.0.2 includes the latest release v3.0 of the GenApi reference implentation which enables to open GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras multiple times faster than before. Furthermore, the GigE Vision Streaming Filter has been revised to support Windows 10 as well.

Moreover, HALCON 12.0.2 comes with great tools and features for developers, e.g. a handy option to sort variables within the Visual Studio add-in. Besides, HDevEngine now executes procedures with less overhead, helping to speed-up the execution time of programs. All in all, the usability and outline of the programming environment has been optimized.

Please find more details on this release in our release notes.