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New maintenance release 6.1.2 for HALCON 6.1

The newest maintenance release 6.1.2 of HALCON 6.1 is now available. With this release, HALCON's powerful shape-based matching has been extended, resulting in an even better robustness and flexibility: When creating a model, a new hysteresis threshold mechanism facilitates the selection of significant model parts. A second extension enables users to exclude small, unimportant model components. The automatic selection of angle and scale step widths has also been improved significantly. Another feature of release 6.1.2 speeds up the operators for filling holes in regions which now are 4 to 10 times faster. Read the release notes for a detailed description of all new features and enhancements of HALCON 6.1.2. Registered customers can download the new release or a package to update an older release of HALCON 6.1.