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New maintenance release 7.1.1 for HALCON 7.1

The newest maintenance release 7.1.1 of HALCON 7.1 includes speed-ups up to 200%, documentation updates, especially the new "Application Note on 2D Data Codes", and fixes of all currently known bugs. As a further highlight, HDevEngine not only supports C++, but now also can be used in COM applications, e.g., within Visual Basic .NET or C#. The usage of HDevEngine now is explained in the new edition of the "Programmer's Guide". Besides, HALCON 7.1.1 now also supports so-called "locked procedures", i.e. a new mechanism to control the readability of external HDevelop procedures. Have a look at the release notes for a detailed description of HALCON 7.1.1. Registered customers can download the new release or a package to update an older release of HALCON 7.1.