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Release of HALCON 10

Explore the almost unlimited possibilities of the newest HALCON version. HALCON 10 provides many great innovations for all machine vision users, such as: powerful 3D vision with the new surface-based 3D matching, multi-view stereo, 3D primitives fitting; first class matching in any dimension, such as the new local deformable matching, and faster 3D matching; faster and smarter library with GPU acceleration, extended multi-core usage, and nevertheless reduced need for memory; best basis for identification applications with the smart text finder for OCR, and autodiscrimination of bar code types; simply faster development with the new HDevelop measure assistant, a new tool for interactive ROI handling, a new dialog for breakpoint management, and many more.
More than 200 new operators, together with all the proven features and many unique selling propositions that established HALCON as a world-wide technology leader, make this version the new cornerstone of advanced machine vision software.
Read more about the new features and enhancements of HALCON 10 or view the technical details in the release notes. Registered customers can download HALCON 10 right now.