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Release of HALCON 11


Innovative technology, 3D vision power, and speed – HALCON 11 provides numerous great new features for all machine vision users. HALCON's revolutionary sample-based identification is capable to differentiate a large number of objects without any bar code or data code. HALCON's comprehensive 3D vision features were enhanced and improved by registration and triangulation of point clouds, calculation of features like shape and volume, segmentation of point clouds by cutting planes, and many more. HALCON 11 supports machine vision algorithms using GPU processing with more than 75 operators.
More than 250 new operators, together with all the proven features and many unique selling propositions that established HALCON as a world-wide technology leader, make this version the new standard in machine vision software.
Read more about the new features and enhancements of HALCON 11 or view the technical details in the release notes. Registered customers can download and test HALCON 11 right now.