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Release of HALCON 12

Innovative techniques, faster processing, faster development – HALCON 12 provides many great new features for all machine vision users.
With version 12, HALCON utilizes AVX2, thus running significantly faster on state-of-the-art processors. Further speedup is achieved in HDevelop and HDevEngine where the execution of procedures has become considerably faster by utilizing a just-in-time compiler. HALCON's comprehensive 3D vision features were further enhanced: With the new local deformable surfaced-based matching, bent or stretched objects like pretzels can be found reliably, thus expanding the possibilities of 3D vision applications. Furthermore, HALCON's surfaced-based 3D matching in version 12 has become more robust when processing noisy image data, e.g., from time-of-flight cameras. HALCON's highly interactive programming environment (IDE) HDevelop has been enhanced with support of parallel programming and thus allows concurrency. For this, HALCON 12 now also supports event-based processing. As a special key feature for software developers, a new extension allows to inspect HALCON variables (tuples and iconic) directly within Visual Studio, thus easing debugging tasks tremendously. Identification: HALCON 12 eases OCR applications with a new technology for automatic text reading. Characters of any size are found robustly, in most cases without the need to adjust parameters. The new technology has an impressive capability to distinguish characters from background texture even under challenging conditions, such as distorted characters. HALCON 12 also contains many features for further improving the usability. One example is the camera calibration: By means of its new calibration plates, the improved camera calibration of HALCON 12 reaches the same accuracy by using considerably fewer images. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary that the new calibration plates are completely visible in the image. Read more about the new features and enhancements of HALCON 12 or view the technical details in the release notes. Registered customers can download and test HALCON 12 right now.