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MVTec MERLIC 5.5 available now!

With the new version MERLIC 5.5, MVTec continues their established path with MERLIC - easy process integration combined with powerful machine vision methods. That's why MERLIC 5.5 again includes an interface that further simplifies the process integration of MERLIC.

New MVTec Academy Course “Camera Calibration” available

In this basic training, you will learn how to calibrate a camera setup with a single camera using MVTec HALCON.
| MVTec

New version of the MVTec Software Manager available from March 14, 2024

The new version 1.5 of the MVTec Software Manager will be available for download from March 14, 2024.
| HALCON, Certified Integration Partner

MVTec welcomes Vision On Line as a new partner

MVTec is pleased to collaborate with Vision On Line, a company specializing in automation solutions based on image processing. Together, they optimize production processes using advanced machine vision, robotics, and automation technologies.
| MVTec

MVTec and HAILO accelerate their partnership

MVTec is pleased to welcome HAILO, a leading manufacturer of AI processors for advanced machine learning applications, to it´s Technology Partner Program.

New maintenance release for HALCON 20.11 Steady

The new HALCON 20.11 Steady maintenance release, HALCON 20.11.4 is now available for download.
| MVTec

Take part in our survey and help shape the future of HDevelop

Your opinion is important to us! Help us to improve HDevelop.
| MVTec

MVTec expands network with new partner Leimac

We are happy to welcome Leimac, a Japanese manufacturer and specialist in the field of Factory Automation (FA) and scientific LED lighting technology to our Technology Partner Program.
| MVTec

MVTec at Semicon Europa: Increasing the speed and precision of semiconductor production with machine vision

How can producers of wafers and semiconductors be supported by the use of powerful machine vision software?
| HALCON, Deep Learning Tool

MVTec Deep Learning Tool 23.11 out now!

The Deep Learning Tool 23.11 is continuing on its path to make all MVTec deep learning methods easily accessible.