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Academic Teaching

Academic Teaching

MVTec is convinced that profound knowledge of the technologies and methods that are actually used in the machine vision industry is essential to give deep insights in industrial image processing.

For this reason, MVTec's research staff is active in academic teaching and has been giving courses about machine vision methods since 2001. The courses also describe how the methods are used in practice to solve real-world applications. Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger is holding a course every semester at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Prof. Dr. Steger was appointed as an honorary professor by TUM in 2011. In addition to giving courses, our research team regularly supervises Bachelor's and Master's theses.

MVTec's experience in academic teaching has been condensed into the textbook Machine Vision Algorithms and Applications, which has become a standard reference within the machine vision community. The book has been translated into Japanese as well as simplified and traditional Chinese.

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