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Data Code Reading Easy, Fast, and Reliable

With the new version 3.1 of its easy-to-use machine vision software

ActivVisionTools, MVTec makes the reading of data codes easier than ever.

Professional applications can be developed within an amazingly short time, no matter whether ECC 200, QR Code, or PDF417 should be read.

ActivVisionTools makes the reading of data codes fast and reliable: With ActivDataCode, the application is immediately completed.

Data code applications are increasing rapidly. 2D and multi-line (stacked) codes such as PDF417 already substitute entire documents of correspondence between customer and distributor. Thus, a manufacturer always is able to ascertain in real-time which component is on hand, including the specific administration information.


ActivVisionTools is based on the operators of the comprehensive machine vision software library HALCON that is used worldwide. Thus, ActivVisionTools runs reliably and has the power of great machine vision software. Again, ActivVisionTools 3.1 is more than only software: From the customers’ point of view, it is a real protection of their investment because the entire know-how of the MVTec engineers entered into the development of ActivVisionTools.


Also in other respects, ActivVisionTools offers many improvements, e.g. drag-and-drop of images. Furthermore, the integration into .NET was simplified, leading to application development without writing any code.


The open software architecture of ActivVisionTools is extensible and scalable, and thus it always fits customers’ needs. In addition to the new tool ActivDataCode, there are ActivOCR, ActivBarcode, ActivMeasure, ActivAlignment, and ActivBlobFinder, to name just a few.


MVTec showcases ActivVisionTools 3.1 at the VISION 2005 in Stuttgart, hall 4, booth 420/1.


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