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HALCON 7.0: A Milestone of Machine Vision Software

With the new version 7.0, MVTec Software GmbH strengthens HALCON’s position as a comprehensive software for machine vision used worldwide.

The new component based matching recognizes objects robustly, even if parts of the objects can move with respect to each other.

Version 7.0 furthers HALCON’s technological leadership with a shape-based matching tool that is faster, more user-friendly, and even more robust than in previous versions. Unique to this new version, the model may be composed of components that can move with respect to each other. This component-based matching gives HALCON 7.0 maximum flexibility in recognizing objects.


Robotics and semiconductor industry are targeted with brand new stereo tools. For the first time, the 3D shape of objects can be measured using a machine vision software that supports many standard platforms. HALCON 7.0 calculates the 3D data required for these tasks highly accurately and interprets them in the blink of an eye.


Version 7.0 makes the reading of data codes even more robust and user-friendly. The identification of a code works extremely reliably, even when the code is etched or embossed on metal surfaces, or when the code appears disturbed, mirrored, or inverse. In addition to the supported Data Matrix Code ECC 200, HALCON now also supports the QR code.


Numerous new features of HALCON 7.0 include, amongst others: image mosaicking – the automatic combining of images from multiple cameras; subpixel-precise measurements in color images; even more reliable OCR and texture analysis; rectification of complex image distortions; procedures for HDevelop; interactive documentation.


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