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HALCON with 64 Bit Technology under Windows

The new HALCON 7.1 version runs natively under Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. With this, MVTec Software GmbH, Munich (Germany), offers the first machine vision software worldwide that is specifically optimized for this platform.

In April 2005, Microsoft launched the new Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. Thus, the software giant brings 64 bit technology also to the mass market. In most instances, manufacturers of application software have not yet embraced this technology. In contrast, HALCON 7.1 now provides the opportunity to use 64 bit platforms to exploit their benefits for machine vision.


Not only the underlying machine vision algorithms profit from faster execution by using 64 bit processor registers: With Windows XP x64 Edition now also machine vision solutions that require more than 2 GB main memory can be realized.


“The speedup of HALCON under 64 Bit is dramatic. Compared to the 32 bit version, the computing time is reduced up to 30%”, says Dr. Carsten Steger, MVTec’s director of Research and development.


HALCON has been available on 64 bit processors on other operating systems since 1997. However, with Windows x64 a far bigger user community is addressed. The new version HALCON 7.1 will be launched at the beginning of September 2005.


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