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MVTec and Tattile Introduce HALCON Interface to TAG Cameras

MVTec Software GmbH is proud to introduce the HALCON interface to the Tattile TAG cameras, the leading family of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras. Using the new TAG interface, all users of the comprehensive machine vision software HALCON now are able to acquire gray-level and RGB images from TAG cameras with only a few lines of code. All camera features are accessible from the user application and can be adjusted dynamically.

The powerful machine vision library HALCON 7.1 from MVTec now offers its new interface to the Tattile TAG family of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras.

Robert Fenwick-Smith, Managing Director of Tattile, explains: "The cooperation between MVTec and Tattile allows easy access to GigE communications to the large HALCON user community and lets them benefit from the considerable advantages of the Gigabit Ethernet standard."


Already the overwhelming standard in IT communications, GigE now also offers its advantages to the vision world. Its low cost extended networking capabilities allow the creation of complex long-distance camera networks that no previous standard can offer. Also it will allow users requiring longer cable lengths (up to 80 meters) to now join the digital camera world.


Based on the new TAG interface, the HALCON user community can now easily move to the next generation of vision communications.


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