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ActivVisionTools 3.0: The Future of Machine Vision

Ease of use, high speed execution, immediate application building, and worldwide unique ready-to-use features: That is the result of MVTec’s nearly 20 years’ experience in building machine vision software. The new version 3.0 of ActivVisionTools launches in February 2005.

ActivVisionTools 3.0 was designed for users’ needs. This family of software tools is based on MVTec’s worldwide established standard machine vision library HALCON. Thus, ActivVisionTools works robustly and has the power of high-end machine vision software packages. MVTec Software GmbH used all the power of its experts’ know-how for designing this family of easy-to-use tools. ActivVisionTools 3.0 is not only a software package, but a real added value.


Take, for example, ActivOCR. The new technology for training the multilayer perceptron (neural network) classifier used in ActivOCR leads to unmatched performance. Moreover, ActivOCR includes many ready-to-use fonts with a practical industrial background, such as dot matrix prints, prints on metal surfaces, pharmacy or document fonts. More than one million characters were trained. Of these, about 460,000 were handwritten digits collected worldwide and spanning many cultures (the problem: British handwritten digits are different from German or Japanese).  From the users' point of view, ActivOCR saves a substantial amount of time: between one day and several months, which would normally be necessary for generating these fonts.


“The future of machine vision means easier application building”, says Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein, managing director of MVTec Software GmbH. “Users want more and more simplification in use, but at the same time high-end features in functionality. And we develop the core of any machine vision application: easy-to-use and highly accurate software.”


ActivVisionTools supports more than 40 image acquisition devices (frame grabbers and cameras) that match industrial requirements. Thus, ActivVisionTools is independent from existing hardware and prepared for future hardware changes. New interfaces, continually developed by MVTec, are free for download on MVTec’s website.


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