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HALCON 9.0 Runs on Newest Sony XCI Smart Cameras

The new release 9.0 of the machine vision software HALCON from MVTec, Munich (Germany) now also runs on the next generation of Sony’s smart cameras (XCI-V100/C and XCI-SX100/C). Thus, an intelligent and highly reliable standard solution for machine vision via smart camera is available.

High accurate standard solution for machine vision via smart camera: Sony XCI Smart Cameras and HALCON 9.0

HALCON is the comprehensive standard software with an integrated development environment (IDE) for machine vision that is used worldwide. HALCON’s flexible architecture facilitates rapid development of machine vision, medical imaging, and image analysis applications.


For an optimized integration of HALCON 9.0 into the new Sony XCI smart camera series, MVTec has now developed a powerful image acquisition interface. Thus, the entire camera functionality is available for HALCON users, e.g., the control of the automatic white balance and the use of all digital in-/outputs. By using Windows XP Embedded on the camera, the application development can be done on the smart camera as well as alternatively on a standard PC. In all cases, the machine vision software HALCON 9.0 provides its complete functionality.


The use of smart cameras for quality and process control in industrial production is getting increasingly popular: Smart cameras like the Sony XCI provide adequate processing power and direct communication interfaces. Thus, the combination of a Sony smart camera as a robust hardware and HALCON 9.0 as all-purpose and highly reliable software offers a powerful all-round package for modern machine vision.


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