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HALCON Press Release

HALCON Interface to Basler Scout Cameras

MVTec has launched an interface which allows the operation of the comprehensive HALCON software library for machine vision with the new scout camera...

HALCON Press Release

HALCON Does it with All

Image acquisition interfaces, platforms as Linux or Windows or standards as FireWire or GigE: HALCON is highly flexible and can be combined with all...

HALCON Press Release

Live at VISION 06: Robot Shows 3D Machine Vision

MVTec showcases a unique solution for bin picking with machine vision standard software.

AVT Press Release

ActivVisionTools Runs on Newest Sony XCI-V3

The new release 3.1.1 of the easy-to-use software ActivVisionTools from MVTec, Munich, Germany, now runs also on Sony’s new smart camera XCI-V3. Thus,...

HALCON Press Release

Hands-on Machine Vision with the MVTec Vision Kit

In the long run, building first-class technology is not enough: A company must also be able to impart this knowledge.

HALCON Press Release

10 Years High-End Software for Machine Vision

This year, MVTec Software GmbH from Munich, Germany, commemorates its 10 years company anniversary. MVTec is developer and manufacturer of standard...

HALCON Press Release

MVTec Software Interfaces to Lumenera Cameras

MVTec Software GmbH, Munich, Germany launches the HALCON LuCam interface to run the powerful HALCON software library for machine vision with...

HALCON Press Release

Machine Vision Software Protects Programmers' Know-How

With the maintenance release 7.1.1 of the software library HALCON, its IDE (Integrated Development Environment) HDevelop now protects external...

MVTec Press Release

MVTec Founds Support Center in the USA

MVTec Software GmbH, manufacturer of worldwide leading machine vision software, will found a support center for the USA and Canada until the end of...

HALCON Press Release

3D Machine Vision Makes Robotics More Efficient

During this year’s world leading industry fairs Hannovermesse and AUTOMATICA, Hanover respectively Munich, Germany, MVTec Software GmbH will present...