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MVTec opens subsidiary in France

MVTec Software GmbH, a leading international software manufacturer for machine vision, is strengthening its business activities in France and the French-speaking regions in Belgium and Switzerland. For this purpose, the existing sales office has been upscaled into a subsidiary as of January 01, 2023.
New MVTec colleagues in France, Martin Delabre (left) and Marc Dumont (right)
New MVTec colleagues in France, Martin Delabre (left) and Marc Dumont (right)

For this purpose, the existing sales office has been upscaled into a subsidiary as of January 01, 2023. From Lyon, MVTec customers in these regions will now receive even closer service directly from the manufacturer. Martin Krumey, Vice President Sales at MVTec, says: "We have already been active for many years with strong partners in the French-speaking machine vision markets in Western and Central Europe. Those markets are developing very dynamically and are highly innovative. We want to continue to drive these innovations together with our partners and our software products, now also with on-site technical expertise from MVTec directly."
MVTec develops and offers the following software products: HALCON, the comprehensive standard software for machine vision, MERLIC, an easy-to-use software with which complete machine vision applications can be created, and the Deep Learning Tool, with which image data for MVTec’s deep learning methods can be easily labeled.

MVTec relies on expertise from France

MVTec's first employees in France are Martin Delabre and Marc Dumont. "With Martin and Marc, we have gained two proven experts in the field of machine vision and automation in France. This gives our customers the best possible local customer service," explains Krumey. Martin Delabre has worked in various positions as an engineer in the machine vision industry in France over the past ten years and will henceforth be working for MVTec as a Pre-Sales Engineer. "I know MVTec and the MVTec products already for some time. In my new role, I want to help customers exploit the full potential of MVTec’s software products for their applications," explains Delabre. Marc Dumont has been working in technical sales for companies in the mechanical engineering and automotive industries for more than 25 years. He took on the role of Sales Manager at MVTec in January 2023. "The machine vision market in France requires specialists. MVTec has 25 years of expertise in the development of hardware-independent software products in the field of machine vision. This is something that customers benefit from," explains Dumont.

Being closer to the customer by providing on-site consulting

MVTec has been active on the French market for many years with partners and since January 2021 with a sales office. With the upscaling of the sales office into a subsidiary, the location France and the French-speaking regions in Belgium and Switzerland are gaining further importance for MVTec. The company sees huge growth potential for machine vision applications in those regions. This requires close local customer service. Martin Krumey outlines MVTec's underlying internationalization strategy: "Machine vision is complex and technically demanding. This complexity results in a high demand for consulting. At MVTec, we therefore place great emphasis on intensive consulting with customers in order to understand and solve their problems and challenges. With the technical expertise of our new employees in France, we are now able to provide on-site consulting for the optimal development of machine vision applications," explains Krumey.

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