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Fast and Performant Inspection of Rice Grains with HALCON Embedded

The Japanese company Kett Electric Laboratory researches, develops and sells agricultural measuring devices, among other things. For a company that...


Automatic gas cylinder re-test line powered by HALCON

The Swiss Safety Center AG, a MVTec Certified Integration Partner, is a member of the SVTI Group and thus part of a center of excellence in technical...


Highest level of quality control thanks to HALCON's deep learning

The Spanish company Robotics & Vision Technologies (RVT) is a partner company of our distributor INFAIMON S.L. and one of MVTec’s Certified...


Correct detection of distortions during print inspection with HALCON’s shape-based matching

CAPTIC Informatique et Vision Industrielle is a MVTec Certified Integration Partner located in France. They develop control systems for machine vision...


Fast automated inspection of seals through 3D vision with HALCON

Brett Martin is a producer of different plastic solutions like, amongst others, push-fit products in the area of plumbing and drainage. They hired Fis...


Superior matching technology and robust object detection enables the automation of the return flows of crates

A major challenge for wholesale and retail organizations is the return flow of empty crates. The distribution center of one of the leading retailers...


Fast and robust bulk code reading with MVTec HALCON

Challenges presented by the EU Falsified Medicines Directive for pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry in particular has strict guidelines...


Bin-picking application with MVTec HALCON boosts productivity

Short cycle times, little scrap, minimal stock-keeping – the factory of the future is networked and highly economical. This requires increasingly...


Fully automated dispense and labeling system for pharmaceutical products runs with MVTec HALCON

MVTec’s Certified Integration Partner Crave Technical developed a vision system for an automatic unit-of-use dispense and labeling system for...


MVTec HALCON controls linear conveyor and robot system for fully automatic assembly of components

The complexity of the automation technology is constantly growing. On the one hand, this is due to the increasing variety of parts, and on the other...

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