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On this page, MVTec experts regularly contribute tips and tricks for solving different vision tasks with MVTec HALCON and MERLIC. Feel free to ask questions or suggest an interesting topic yourself by clicking the buttons below.

14. Mär 2019 Developers' Corner

How to prepare 3D height images for further processing with MERLIC’s standard tools

Most of the easyTouch tools available in MVTec MERLIC are optimized for processing byte images and generally do not work as expected for other pixel...

18. Feb 2019 Developers' Corner

Inspection of specular surfaces with deflectometry in HALCON

With the help of deflectometry you can easily inspect flat but also curved specular surfaces. Defects like scratches, bumps, cracks, and dents can be...

14. Dez 2018 Developers' Corner

Training a deep learning classifier with HALCON on the embedded board Jetson TX2

Deep learning technologies allow a wide range of applications for machine vision. Based on these technologies, MVTec offers various operators and...

03. Aug 2018 Developers' Corner

Add Touch Input to the HSmartWindowControlWPF

In the digital age of smartphones and tablets, the control of devices via a touch screen became second nature to us. Little by little, this...

28. Feb 2018 Developers' Corner

Increasing Speed in Deflectometry Set-Ups

Deflectometry is useful for inspecting reflective (specular) surfaces. These surfaces are tricky to inspect with other methods, due to a mirror image...

30. Nov 2017 Developers' Corner

Speeding Up Shape-Based Matching with "Greediness"

The parameter "Greediness" defines a tradeoff between speed and completeness. On the one hand, the search speed can be increased by discarding...

31. Aug 2017 Developers' Corner

Best Practice for Classification and OCR

A recommended practice for setting up classification tasks and OCR: Regularly review your growing set of training data with the HDevelop OCR Training...

31. Jul 2017 Developers' Corner

How To Use Rejection Classes in MVTec HALCON

In the Developers' Corner article "Using regularization in MLP classification", we already described the use of regularization during the training of...

30. Jun 2017 Developers' Corner

Using Regularization in MLP classification

When training any classifier, the goal is to train it so that it generalizes well for unknown data. However, in a real application, overfitting is...

31. Mai 2017 Developers' Corner

Speed up your Image Classification

Classification is a very important method, often used in image processing. It can be utilized for directly segmenting an image into known classes,...

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