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Machine Vision for Agriculture Solutions

Machine vision is part of many automation and robotics applications used in agriculture. Tractors drive autonomously and the cultivation of fields can be carried out precisely and plant-specifically. Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles record the condition of the soil and crops from the air. Robots assist in milking, feeding and monitoring animals. They are also used in greenhouses for harvesting and quality monitoring. Inspection of seeds and produce for quality and grade is also performed with machine vision technologies. This is today's agriculture.

Person in a greenhouse holding a laptop

Challenges of today's agriculture

  • Feeding the growing world population
  • Protection of the environment
  • Fulfillment of governmental regulations
  • Compensation of fast changing weather conditions
  • Limited resources like water and agricultural area
  • High production and labor cost
  • Lack of skilled workers
  • Increasing consumer demands

MVTec's key technologies for innovative agriculture solutions

MVTec software makes it possible for you to offer high-tech solutions for agriculture applications. For all machine vision challenges in modern agriculture scenarios, the software products of MVTec enable innovative technologies and best-in-practice solutions.

The flexibility and high quality of MVTec software contribute decisively to your sustainable economic success. The software architecture allows fast development of all kind of machine vision applications and thus the development of new automation solutions. This results in cost savings and an improved time to market for you.

MVTec – Your partner for Machine Vision Software in agriculture applications

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Farming Machinery
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Greenhouse Automation
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Precision Farming
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Seeds & Produce
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Livestock Farming

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