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dev_update_pcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePc (Operator)


dev_update_pcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePc — Switches the update of the PC during program execution on or off.


dev_update_pc( : : DisplayMode : )

Herror dev_update_pc(const char* DisplayMode)

Herror T_dev_update_pc(const Htuple DisplayMode)

Herror dev_update_pc(const HTuple& DisplayMode)

void DevUpdatePc(const HTuple& DisplayMode)

void HOperatorSetX.DevUpdatePc([in] VARIANT DisplayMode)

static void HOperatorSet.DevUpdatePc(HTuple displayMode)


dev_update_pcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePc specifies the behaviour of the PC during program execution. If DisplayModeDisplayModeDisplayModeDisplayModeDisplayModedisplayMode is set to VarRef('on'), which is the default, within the selected procedure the PC is always displayed left to the currently executed operator. In addition the program text is scrolled---if necessary---so that the current operator is visible.

If the mode is 'off'"off""off""off""off""off" the PC is not visible during program execution and the program text will not be scrolled automatically. When the program stops the PC becomes visible again and the listing is scrolled to the current PC position.

For measuring the execution time of a sequence of operators all update options should be switched off in order to reduce the influence of the runtime of GUI updates in HDevelop. For this the operators dev_update_pcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePc, dev_update_timedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTime, dev_update_vardev_update_varDevUpdateVardev_update_varDevUpdateVarDevUpdateVar, and dev_update_windowdev_update_windowDevUpdateWindowdev_update_windowDevUpdateWindowDevUpdateWindow or the procedures dev_update_on and dev_update_off can be used.

This option can also be controlled via the Preferences dialog: Edit -> Preferences -> Runtime Settings -> Update Program Counter.


This operator is not supported for code export.


DisplayModeDisplayModeDisplayModeDisplayModeDisplayModedisplayMode (input_control)  string HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*) (BSTR) (char*)

Mode for runtime behaviour.

Default value: 'off' "off" "off" "off" "off" "off"

List of values: 'off'"off""off""off""off""off", 'on'"on""on""on""on""on"


If the values of the specified parameters are correct dev_update_pcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePc returns 2 (H_MSG_TRUE). Otherwise an exception is raised and an error code returned.

See also

dev_update_timedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTime, dev_update_windowdev_update_windowDevUpdateWindowdev_update_windowDevUpdateWindowDevUpdateWindow, dev_update_vardev_update_varDevUpdateVardev_update_varDevUpdateVarDevUpdateVar



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