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get_param_infoget_param_infoGetParamInfoget_param_infoGetParamInfoGetParamInfo (Operator)


get_param_infoget_param_infoGetParamInfoget_param_infoGetParamInfoGetParamInfo — Get information concerning the operator parameters.


get_param_info( : : ProcName, ParamName, Slot : Information)

Herror get_param_info(const char* ProcName, const char* ParamName, const char* Slot, char* Information)

Herror T_get_param_info(const Htuple ProcName, const Htuple ParamName, const Htuple Slot, Htuple* Information)

Herror get_param_info(const HTuple& ProcName, const HTuple& ParamName, const HTuple& Slot, char* Information)

Herror get_param_info(const HTuple& ProcName, const HTuple& ParamName, const HTuple& Slot, HTuple* Information)

void GetParamInfo(const HTuple& ProcName, const HTuple& ParamName, const HTuple& Slot, HTuple* Information)

static HTuple HInfo::GetParamInfo(const HString& ProcName, const HString& ParamName, const HString& Slot)

static HTuple HInfo::GetParamInfo(const char* ProcName, const char* ParamName, const char* Slot)

void HOperatorSetX.GetParamInfo(
[in] VARIANT ProcName, [in] VARIANT ParamName, [in] VARIANT Slot, [out] VARIANT* Information)

VARIANT HInfoX.GetParamInfo(
[in] BSTR ProcName, [in] BSTR ParamName, [in] BSTR Slot)

static void HOperatorSet.GetParamInfo(HTuple procName, HTuple paramName, HTuple slot, out HTuple information)

static HTuple HInfo.GetParamInfo(string procName, string paramName, string slot)


The operator get_param_infoget_param_infoGetParamInfoget_param_infoGetParamInfoGetParamInfo is used for calling up the online-texts assigned to a parameter of an indicated operator. The form of information available for each parameter (SlotSlotSlotSlotSlotslot), can be called up by using the operator query_param_infoquery_param_infoQueryParamInfoquery_param_infoQueryParamInfoQueryParamInfo. At the moment the following slots are available:


Description of the parameter.


Description of the parameter in LaTeX notation.


Parameter classes: 'input_object', 'output_object', 'input_control' or 'output_control'.


Permitted type(s) of data for parameter values Values: 'real', 'integer' or 'string' (for control parameters), 'byte', 'direction', 'cyclic', 'int1', 'int2', 'uint2', 'int4', 'int8', 'real', 'complex', 'vector_field' (for images).


Default-type for parameter values (for control parameters only). This type of parameter is the one HALCON/C uses in the “simple mode”. If 'none' is indicated, the “tuple mode” must be used. Value: 'real', 'integer', 'string' or 'none'.


Semantic type of the parameter. This is important to allow the assignment of the parameters to object classes in object-oriented languages (C++, .NET, COM). If more than one parameter belongs semantically to one type, this fact is indicated as well. So far the following objects are supported:

object, image, region, xld,

xld_cont, xld_para, xld_poly, xld_ext_para, xld_mod_para,

integer, real, number, string,

channel, grayval, window,

histogram, distribution,

point(.x, .y), extent(.x, .y),

angle(.rad or .deg),

circle(.center.x, .center.y, .radius),

arc(.center.x, .center.y, .angle.rad, .begin.x, .begin.y),

ellipse(.center.x, .center.y, .angle.rad, .radius1, .radius2),

line(.begin.x, .begin.y, .end.x, .end.y)

rectangle(.origin.x, .origin.y, .corner.x, .corner.y

or .extent.x, .extent.y),

polygon(.x, .y), contour(.x, .y),

coordinates(.x, .y), chord(.x1, .x2, .y),

chain(.begin.x, .begin.y, .code).


Default-value for the parameter (for input-control parameters only). It is the question of mere information only (the parameter value must be transmitted explicitly, even if the default-value is used). This entry serves only as a notice, a point of departure for own experiments. The values have been selected so that they normally do not cause any errors but generate something that makes sense.


'true', if the operator modifies this input parameter.


'true', if an array of values must be passed, 'false', if exactly one value must be passed, and 'optional' allows both.


'true', in case the input image object may be multichannel.


For control parameters exclusively and only if value tuples ('multivalue'-'true'/'optional') and various types of data are permitted for the parameter values ('type_list' having more than one value). In this case SlotSlotSlotSlotSlotslot indicates, whether values of various types may be mixed in one tuple ('true' or 'false').


Selection of values (optional).


In case a parameter can take only a limited number of values, this fact will be indicated explicitly (optional).


Minimum value of a value interval.


Maximum value of a value interval.


Function discribing the course of the values for a series of tests (lin, log, quadr, ...).


Recommended step width for the parameter values in a series of tests.


Minimum step width of the parameter values in a series of tests.


Expression describing the number of parameters as such or in relation to other parameters.


Expression describing the parameter values as such or in relation to other parameters.


':] List of input image types the compute device implementation of the operator supports for a specific device (use 'cd_type_list.opencl' for OpenCL devices).


':] List of input control parameters the compute device implementation of the operator supports for a specific device (use 'cd_value_list.opencl' for OpenCL devices).

The online-texts will be taken from the files operators_[LANG].ref, operators_[LANG].sta, operators_[LANG].key, operators_[LANG].num and operators_[LANG].idx which will be searched by HALCON in the currently used directory or the directory 'help_dir' (see also get_systemget_systemGetSystemget_systemGetSystemGetSystem and set_systemset_systemSetSystemset_systemSetSystemSetSystem).


The encoding of the result is ISO 8859-1 for English and German, and UTF-8 for Japanese.



ProcNameProcNameProcNameProcNameProcNameprocName (input_control)  proc_name HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*) (BSTR) (char*)

Name of the operator on whose parameter more information is needed.

Default value: 'get_param_info' "get_param_info" "get_param_info" "get_param_info" "get_param_info" "get_param_info"

ParamNameParamNameParamNameParamNameParamNameparamName (input_control)  string HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*) (BSTR) (char*)

Name of the parameter on which more information is needed.

Default value: 'Slot' "Slot" "Slot" "Slot" "Slot" "Slot"

SlotSlotSlotSlotSlotslot (input_control)  string HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*) (BSTR) (char*)

Desired information.

Default value: 'description' "description" "description" "description" "description" "description"

List of values: 'assertion'"assertion""assertion""assertion""assertion""assertion", 'cd_type_list.opencl'"cd_type_list.opencl""cd_type_list.opencl""cd_type_list.opencl""cd_type_list.opencl""cd_type_list.opencl", 'cd_value_list.opencl'"cd_value_list.opencl""cd_value_list.opencl""cd_value_list.opencl""cd_value_list.opencl""cd_value_list.opencl", 'default_type'"default_type""default_type""default_type""default_type""default_type", 'default_value'"default_value""default_value""default_value""default_value""default_value", 'description'"description""description""description""description""description", 'mixed_type'"mixed_type""mixed_type""mixed_type""mixed_type""mixed_type", 'modified'"modified""modified""modified""modified""modified", 'multichannel'"multichannel""multichannel""multichannel""multichannel""multichannel", 'multivalue'"multivalue""multivalue""multivalue""multivalue""multivalue", 'sem_type'"sem_type""sem_type""sem_type""sem_type""sem_type", 'stepmin'"stepmin""stepmin""stepmin""stepmin""stepmin", 'steprec'"steprec""steprec""steprec""steprec""steprec", 'type_list'"type_list""type_list""type_list""type_list""type_list", 'value_list'"value_list""value_list""value_list""value_list""value_list", 'valuefunction'"valuefunction""valuefunction""valuefunction""valuefunction""valuefunction", 'valuemax'"valuemax""valuemax""valuemax""valuemax""valuemax", 'valuemin'"valuemin""valuemin""valuemin""valuemin""valuemin", 'valuenumber'"valuenumber""valuenumber""valuenumber""valuenumber""valuenumber", 'values'"values""values""values""values""values"

InformationInformationInformationInformationInformationinformation (output_control)  string(-array) HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*) (BSTR) (char*)

Information (empty in case there is no information available).


The operator get_param_infoget_param_infoGetParamInfoget_param_infoGetParamInfoGetParamInfo returns the value 2 (H_MSG_TRUE) if the parameters are correct and the helpfiles are availabe. Otherwise an exception is raised.

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