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set_window_paramT_set_window_paramSetWindowParamset_window_paramSetWindowParamSetWindowParam (Operator)


set_window_paramT_set_window_paramSetWindowParamset_window_paramSetWindowParamSetWindowParam — Set window parameters.


set_window_param( : : WindowHandle, Param, Value : )

Herror T_set_window_param(const Htuple WindowHandle, const Htuple Param, const Htuple Value)

Herror set_window_param(const HTuple& WindowHandle, const HTuple& Param, const HTuple& Value)

void HWindow::SetWindowParam(const HTuple& Param, const HTuple& Value) const

void SetWindowParam(const HTuple& WindowHandle, const HTuple& Param, const HTuple& Value)

void HWindow::SetWindowParam(const HString& Param, const HTuple& Value) const

void HWindow::SetWindowParam(const char* Param, const HTuple& Value) const

void HOperatorSetX.SetWindowParam(
[in] VARIANT WindowHandle, [in] VARIANT Param, [in] VARIANT Value)

void HWindowX.SetWindowParam(
[in] BSTR Param, [in] VARIANT Value)

static void HOperatorSet.SetWindowParam(HTuple windowHandle, HTuple param, HTuple value)

void HWindow.SetWindowParam(string param, HTuple value)


The operator set_window_paramset_window_paramSetWindowParamset_window_paramSetWindowParamSetWindowParam allows to set different parameters of an open window.

General window parameters:


Sets the background color of the window WindowHandleWindowHandleWindowHandleWindowHandleWindowHandlewindowHandle. The operator clear_windowclear_windowClearWindowclear_windowClearWindowClearWindow uses this color to clear the window.

possible values: a string containing the color name (e.g. 'black', 'red')


Allows to change the text in the title bar of an already opened HALCON window.

possible values: a string containing up to 1023 characters

Parameters concerning the '3d_plot'"3d_plot""3d_plot""3d_plot""3d_plot""3d_plot" (see set_paintset_paintSetPaintset_paintSetPaintSetPaint):


Set the angle of view of the virtual camera used to display the 3D plot. The angle must be provided in radians and lie within the interval [0,PI). An angle of 0 radians implies orthogonal projection. Another way to choose orthogonal projection is to set 'angle_of_view'"angle_of_view""angle_of_view""angle_of_view""angle_of_view""angle_of_view" to 'orthogonal'"orthogonal""orthogonal""orthogonal""orthogonal""orthogonal".

possible values: 'orthogonal' or an angle in radians

default value: 1.22173 (70 degrees)


The axis captions for row, column, and height can be set by passing a tuple containing the strings for the captions in the specified order row, column, and height axis (e.g. ['row','col','height']). Pass empty strings to display no captions at all.

possible values: A tuple containing three strings. Each string can contain up to 31 characters.

default value: [' ',' ',' ']


The color of the axis captions for row, column, and height. You can either pass one color for all three axes or a tuple of three colors to set individual colors for each axis.

possible values: a string or tuple with three strings containing the color name (e.g. 'black', 'red')

default value: 'black'


For the interactive display of a 3D plot it is often required to perform calls to disp_objdisp_objDispObjdisp_objDispObjDispObj using the same image within a loop. If 'interactive_plot' is set to 'true', a large amount of calculations is done only in the first call to disp_objdisp_objDispObjdisp_objDispObjDispObj and cached for all subsequent calls. It is important to set this parameter to 'false' after finishing the interactive display, in order to free the memory needed for the cached data.

possible values: 'true', 'false'

default value: 'false'


Influences the quality of the 3D plot. Depending on the capabilities of your graphics card better settings for the quality may reduce the frame rate of the 3D plot significantly.

possible values: 'low', 'medium', 'good', 'best'

default value: 'medium'


If set to 'true', the depth information generated by the 3D plot is saved after each call to disp_objdisp_objDispObjdisp_objDispObjDispObj. This information is used to accelerate the operator unproject_coordinatesunproject_coordinatesUnprojectCoordinatesunproject_coordinatesUnprojectCoordinatesUnprojectCoordinates.

possible values: 'true', 'false'

default value: 'false'


If set to 'true' the height values of an image are transformed into the interval [0,255] before display. If set to 'false' the aspect ratio between row/column and height is considered. Images of the type byte, cyclic, or direction are not scaled, i.e. in their cases this parameter is ignored.

possible values: 'true', 'false'

default value: 'true'


If set to 'true' a grid is displayed at height 0.

possible values: 'true', 'false'

default value: 'true'


If set to 'true' coordinate axes are displayed.

possible values: 'true', 'false'

default value: 'true'



WindowHandleWindowHandleWindowHandleWindowHandleWindowHandlewindowHandle (input_control)  window HWindow, HTupleHTupleHTupleHWindowX, VARIANTHtuple (integer) (IntPtr) (Hlong) (Hlong) (Hlong) (Hlong)

Window identifier.

ParamParamParamParamParamparam (input_control)  string HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*) (BSTR) (char*)

Name of the parameter.

Default value: 'save_depth_buffer' "save_depth_buffer" "save_depth_buffer" "save_depth_buffer" "save_depth_buffer" "save_depth_buffer"

List of values: 'angle_of_view'"angle_of_view""angle_of_view""angle_of_view""angle_of_view""angle_of_view", 'axis_captions'"axis_captions""axis_captions""axis_captions""axis_captions""axis_captions", 'background_color'"background_color""background_color""background_color""background_color""background_color", 'caption_color'"caption_color""caption_color""caption_color""caption_color""caption_color", 'display_axes'"display_axes""display_axes""display_axes""display_axes""display_axes", 'display_grid'"display_grid""display_grid""display_grid""display_grid""display_grid", 'interactive_plot'"interactive_plot""interactive_plot""interactive_plot""interactive_plot""interactive_plot", 'plot_quality'"plot_quality""plot_quality""plot_quality""plot_quality""plot_quality", 'save_depth_buffer'"save_depth_buffer""save_depth_buffer""save_depth_buffer""save_depth_buffer""save_depth_buffer", 'scale_plot'"scale_plot""scale_plot""scale_plot""scale_plot""scale_plot", 'window_title'"window_title""window_title""window_title""window_title""window_title"

ValueValueValueValueValuevalue (input_control)  string-array HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string / real / integer) (string / double / int / long) (HString / double / Hlong) (char* / double / Hlong) (BSTR / double / Hlong) (char* / double / Hlong)

Value to be set.

Default value: 'true' "true" "true" "true" "true" "true"

List of values: 'best'"best""best""best""best""best", 'black'"black""black""black""black""black", 'blue'"blue""blue""blue""blue""blue", 'false'"false""false""false""false""false", 'good'"good""good""good""good""good", 'green'"green""green""green""green""green", 'low'"low""low""low""low""low", 'medium'"medium""medium""medium""medium""medium", 'orthogonal'"orthogonal""orthogonal""orthogonal""orthogonal""orthogonal", 'red'"red""red""red""red""red", 'true'"true""true""true""true""true", 'white'"white""white""white""white""white"

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