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tuple_greatertuple_greaterTupleGreatertuple_greaterTupleGreaterTupleGreater (Operator)


tuple_greatertuple_greaterTupleGreatertuple_greaterTupleGreaterTupleGreater — Test whether a tuple is greater than another tuple.


tuple_greater( : : T1, T2 : Greater)

Herror tuple_greater(const Hlong T1, const Hlong T2, Hlong* Greater)

Herror T_tuple_greater(const Htuple T1, const Htuple T2, Htuple* Greater)

Herror tuple_greater(const HTuple& T1, const HTuple& T2, Hlong* Greater)

void TupleGreater(const HTuple& T1, const HTuple& T2, HTuple* Greater)

HTuple HTuple::TupleGreater(const HTuple& T2) const

void HOperatorSetX.TupleGreater(
[in] VARIANT T1, [in] VARIANT T2, [out] VARIANT* Greater)

VARIANT HTupleX.TupleGreater(
[in] VARIANT T1, [in] VARIANT T2)

static void HOperatorSet.TupleGreater(HTuple t1, HTuple t2, out HTuple greater)

HTuple HTuple.TupleGreater(HTuple t2)


tuple_greatertuple_greaterTupleGreatertuple_greaterTupleGreaterTupleGreater tests whether the input tuple T1T1T1T1T1t1 is greater than T2T2T2T2T2t2. A tuple T1T1T1T1T1t1 is said to be greater than a tuple T2T2T2T2T2t2, if T1T1T1T1T1t1 has been found to be greater when comparing it elementwise to T2T2T2T2T2t2 or if the first min(|T1|,|T2|) elements are equal and T1T1T1T1T1t1 has got more elements than T2T2T2T2T2t2.

With the elementwise comparison, the elements of T1T1T1T1T1t1 and T2T2T2T2T2t2 are compared one by one. If the two elements are equal, the next pair of elements will be examined. If the element of T1T1T1T1T1t1 is greater than that from T2T2T2T2T2t2, the result is 1 and the comparison will be aborted. If the element of T1T1T1T1T1t1 is less than that from T2T2T2T2T2t2, the result is 0 and the comparison will be aborted. If all elements have been tested and if all were equal, the result is 0.

As a precondition for comparing the tuples elementwise two corresponding elements must either both be (integer or floating point) numbers or both be strings. Otherwise tuple_greatertuple_greaterTupleGreatertuple_greaterTupleGreaterTupleGreater returns an error.



T1T1T1T1T1t1 (input_control)  number(-array) HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (integer / real / string) (int / long / double / string) (Hlong / double / HString) (Hlong / double / char*) (Hlong / double / BSTR) (Hlong / double / char*)

Input tuple 1.

T2T2T2T2T2t2 (input_control)  number(-array) HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (integer / real / string) (int / long / double / string) (Hlong / double / HString) (Hlong / double / char*) (Hlong / double / BSTR) (Hlong / double / char*)

Input tuple 2.

GreaterGreaterGreaterGreaterGreatergreater (output_control)  integer HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (integer) (int / long) (Hlong) (Hlong) (Hlong) (Hlong)

Result of the comparison of the input tuples.


tuple_greater_equaltuple_greater_equalTupleGreaterEqualtuple_greater_equalTupleGreaterEqualTupleGreaterEqual, tuple_lesstuple_lessTupleLesstuple_lessTupleLessTupleLess, tuple_less_equaltuple_less_equalTupleLessEqualtuple_less_equalTupleLessEqualTupleLessEqual, tuple_equaltuple_equalTupleEqualtuple_equalTupleEqualTupleEqual, tuple_not_equaltuple_not_equalTupleNotEqualtuple_not_equalTupleNotEqualTupleNotEqual, tuple_equal_elemtuple_equal_elemTupleEqualElemtuple_equal_elemTupleEqualElemTupleEqualElem, tuple_not_equal_elemtuple_not_equal_elemTupleNotEqualElemtuple_not_equal_elemTupleNotEqualElemTupleNotEqualElem, tuple_less_elemtuple_less_elemTupleLessElemtuple_less_elemTupleLessElemTupleLessElem, tuple_greater_elemtuple_greater_elemTupleGreaterElemtuple_greater_elemTupleGreaterElemTupleGreaterElem, tuple_less_equal_elemtuple_less_equal_elemTupleLessEqualElemtuple_less_equal_elemTupleLessEqualElemTupleLessEqualElem, tuple_greater_equal_elemtuple_greater_equal_elemTupleGreaterEqualElemtuple_greater_equal_elemTupleGreaterEqualElemTupleGreaterEqualElem



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