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tuple_is_mixedtuple_is_mixedTupleIsMixedtuple_is_mixedTupleIsMixedTupleIsMixed (Operator)


tuple_is_mixedtuple_is_mixedTupleIsMixedtuple_is_mixedTupleIsMixedTupleIsMixed — Test whether a tuple is of type mixed.


tuple_is_mixed( : : T : IsMixed)

Herror tuple_is_mixed(const char* T, Hlong* IsMixed)

Herror T_tuple_is_mixed(const Htuple T, Htuple* IsMixed)

Herror tuple_is_mixed(const HTuple& T, Hlong* IsMixed)

void TupleIsMixed(const HTuple& T, HTuple* IsMixed)

HTuple HTuple::TupleIsMixed() const

void HOperatorSetX.TupleIsMixed(
[in] VARIANT T, [out] VARIANT* IsMixed)

VARIANT HTupleX.TupleIsMixed([in] VARIANT T)

static void HOperatorSet.TupleIsMixed(HTuple t, out HTuple isMixed)

HTuple HTuple.TupleIsMixed()


tuple_is_mixedtuple_is_mixedTupleIsMixedtuple_is_mixedTupleIsMixedTupleIsMixed tests the input tuple TTTTTt. If the type is mixed, the value 1 (true) is returned in IsMixedIsMixedIsMixedIsMixedIsMixedisMixed, else 0 (false) is returned. If a tuple consists of elements with equal data types only, IsMixedIsMixedIsMixedIsMixedIsMixedisMixed can nevertheless be 1 in case the internal representation is H_TYPE_MIXED; see tuple_typetuple_typeTupleTypetuple_typeTupleTypeTupleType for details.

If the type of the tuple is mixed and you need all elements of the tuple TTTTTt to be of one data type only, you can explicitly convert the tuple to a better fitting representation by using tuple_inttuple_intTupleInttuple_intTupleIntTupleInt, tuple_realtuple_realTupleRealtuple_realTupleRealTupleReal or tuple_stringtuple_stringTupleStringtuple_stringTupleStringTupleString with Format='s'. This improves processing speed for the converted tuple which is especially useful if the tuple is used many times afterwards.



TTTTTt (input_control)  number(-array) HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string / real / integer) (string / double / int / long) (HString / double / Hlong) (char* / double / Hlong) (BSTR / double / Hlong) (char* / double / Hlong)

Input tuple.

IsMixedIsMixedIsMixedIsMixedIsMixedisMixed (output_control)  number HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (integer) (int / long) (Hlong) (Hlong) (Hlong) (Hlong)

Is the input tuple of type mixed?

Example (HDevelop)

tuple_is_mixed ([3.1416,'pi',3], IsMixedA)
* IsMixedA = true
tuple_is_mixed (['a','b','111'], IsMixedB)
* IsMixedB = false  
tuple_is_mixed ([], IsMixedC)
* IsMixedC = true


If the parameters are valid, the operator tuple_is_mixedtuple_is_mixedTupleIsMixedtuple_is_mixedTupleIsMixedTupleIsMixed returns the value 2 (H_MSG_TRUE).


tuple_typetuple_typeTupleTypetuple_typeTupleTypeTupleType, tuple_is_numbertuple_is_numberTupleIsNumbertuple_is_numberTupleIsNumberTupleIsNumber

See also

tuple_is_inttuple_is_intTupleIsInttuple_is_intTupleIsIntTupleIsInt, tuple_is_realtuple_is_realTupleIsRealtuple_is_realTupleIsRealTupleIsReal



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