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create_sheet_of_light_calib_objectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObject (Operator)


create_sheet_of_light_calib_objectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObject — Create a calibration object for sheet-of-light calibration.


create_sheet_of_light_calib_object( : : Width, Length, HeightMin, HeightMax, FileName : )

Herror create_sheet_of_light_calib_object(double Width, double Length, double HeightMin, double HeightMax, const char* FileName)

Herror T_create_sheet_of_light_calib_object(const Htuple Width, const Htuple Length, const Htuple HeightMin, const Htuple HeightMax, const Htuple FileName)

Herror create_sheet_of_light_calib_object(const HTuple& Width, const HTuple& Length, const HTuple& HeightMin, const HTuple& HeightMax, const HTuple& FileName)

void CreateSheetOfLightCalibObject(const HTuple& Width, const HTuple& Length, const HTuple& HeightMin, const HTuple& HeightMax, const HTuple& FileName)

void HOperatorSetX.CreateSheetOfLightCalibObject(
[in] VARIANT Width, [in] VARIANT Length, [in] VARIANT HeightMin, [in] VARIANT HeightMax, [in] VARIANT FileName)

static void HOperatorSet.CreateSheetOfLightCalibObject(HTuple width, HTuple length, HTuple heightMin, HTuple heightMax, HTuple fileName)


create_sheet_of_light_calib_objectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObject creates a CAD model of a calibration object for sheet-of-light calibration with calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight and stores it in FileNameFileNameFileNameFileNameFileNamefileName.

image/svg+xml HeightMax Length HeightMin Width X Y Z
A calibration object for sheet-of-light calibration

The calibration object consists of a ramp with a truncated pyramid rotated by 45 degrees. The dimensions of the calibration target in WidthWidthWidthWidthWidthwidth, LengthLengthLengthLengthLengthlength, HeightMinHeightMinHeightMinHeightMinHeightMinheightMin, and HeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxheightMax must be given in meters. LengthLengthLengthLengthLengthlength must be at least 10% larger than WidthWidthWidthWidthWidthwidth. The Z coordinate of the highest point on the truncated pyramid is at most HeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxheightMax. The calibration object might not be found by calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight if the height difference between the truncated pyramid and the ramp is too small. In this case, adjust HeightMinHeightMinHeightMinHeightMinHeightMinheightMin and HeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxheightMax accordingly or increase the sampling rate when acquiring the calibration data.

The calibration objects contains an orientation mark in the form of a circular hole. The diameter of this hole is WidthWidthWidthWidthWidthwidth*0.075.

The dimensions of the calibration object should be chosen such that it is possible to cover the measuring volume of the sheet-of-light setup. In addition, when selecting the LengthLengthLengthLengthLengthlength of the calibration object, the speed of the sheet-of-light setup should be considered such that the calibration object is sampled with enough profile measurements.

Set the parameter 'calibration_object'"calibration_object""calibration_object""calibration_object""calibration_object""calibration_object" to FileNameFileNameFileNameFileNameFileNamefileName with set_sheet_of_light_paramset_sheet_of_light_paramSetSheetOfLightParamset_sheet_of_light_paramSetSheetOfLightParamSetSheetOfLightParam to use the generated calibration object in a subsequent call to calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight.

Note that MVTec does not offer 3D calibration objects. Instead, use create_sheet_of_light_calib_objectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObject to generate a customized CAD model of a calibration object. This CAD model can then be used to produce the calibration object. Milled aluminum is an established material for this. However, depending on the required precision, its thermal stability may be a problem. Note that the surface should be bright. Its color may have to be adjusted depending on the color of the laser to provide a sufficient contrast to the color of the laser. Additionally, the surface must not be translucent nor reflective. To achieve this, you can anodize or lacquer it. Please note that when lacquering it, the accuracy might be decreased due to the applied paintwork. However, a surface that is too rough leads to a decreasing precision as well. It is advisable to have the produced calibration object remeasured to determine whether the required accuracy can be achieved. The accuracy of the calibration object should be ten times higher than the required accuracy of measurement. After having the object measured, the results can be manually inserted into the DXF file that can then be used for the calibration with calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight.



WidthWidthWidthWidthWidthwidth (input_control)  number HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (real) (double) (double) (double) (double) (double)

Width of the object.

Default value: 0.1

LengthLengthLengthLengthLengthlength (input_control)  number HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (real) (double) (double) (double) (double) (double)

Length of the object.

Default value: 0.15

HeightMinHeightMinHeightMinHeightMinHeightMinheightMin (input_control)  number HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (real) (double) (double) (double) (double) (double)

Minimum height of the ramp.

Default value: 0.005

HeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxHeightMaxheightMax (input_control)  number HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (real) (double) (double) (double) (double) (double)

Maximum height of the ramp.

Default value: 0.04

FileNameFileNameFileNameFileNameFileNamefileName (input_control)  filename.write HTupleHTupleHTupleVARIANTHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*) (BSTR) (char*)

Filename of the model of the calibration object.

Default value: 'calib_object.dxf' "calib_object.dxf" "calib_object.dxf" "calib_object.dxf" "calib_object.dxf" "calib_object.dxf"

File extension: .dxf


The operator create_sheet_of_light_calib_objectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObject returns the value 2 (H_MSG_TRUE) if the given parameters are correct. Otherwise, an exception will be raised.


3D Metrology

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