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gen_empty_objgen_empty_objGenEmptyObjgen_empty_objGenEmptyObjGenEmptyObj (Operator)


gen_empty_objgen_empty_objGenEmptyObjgen_empty_objGenEmptyObjGenEmptyObj — Create an empty object tuple.


gen_empty_obj( : EmptyObject : : )

Herror gen_empty_obj(Hobject* EmptyObject)

Herror T_gen_empty_obj(Hobject* EmptyObject)

Herror gen_empty_obj(Hobject* EmptyObject)

void GenEmptyObj(HObject* EmptyObject)

void HObject::GenEmptyObj()

void HOperatorSetX.GenEmptyObj([out] IHUntypedObjectX*EmptyObject)

void HImageX.GenEmptyObj()

void HRegionX.GenEmptyObj()

void HUntypedObjectX.GenEmptyObj()

void HXLDContX.GenEmptyObj()

void HXLDPolyX.GenEmptyObj()

void HXLDParaX.GenEmptyObj()

void HXLDModParaX.GenEmptyObj()

void HXLDExtParaX.GenEmptyObj()

static void HOperatorSet.GenEmptyObj(out HObject emptyObject)

void HObject.GenEmptyObj()


The operator gen_empty_objgen_empty_objGenEmptyObjgen_empty_objGenEmptyObjGenEmptyObj creates an empty tuple. This means that the output parameter does not contain any objects. Thus, the operator count_objcount_objCountObjcount_objCountObjCountObj returns 0. However, clear_objclear_objClearObjclear_objClearObjClearObj can be called for the output. It should be noted that no objects must not be confused with an empty region. In case of an empty region, i.e. a region with 0 pixels count_objcount_objCountObjcount_objCountObjCountObj returns the value 1.

For a short description of the iconic objects that are available in HALCON see the introduction of chapter Object.



EmptyObjectEmptyObjectEmptyObjectEmptyObjectEmptyObjectemptyObject (output_object)  object objectHObjectHObjectHObjectHObjectXHobject *

No objects.



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